The Power of Playful Discourse and Inquiry

Rosa Parks has a Barbie. Toy Story 4 came out this summer. TASP was at the beginning of TAASP. The Association for the Anthropological Study of Play. Our culture is steeped in play but not always in a serious way. On the other hand, the critique of the popular culture of play is constant. What do dolls represent? What color should Lego bricks be for girls?

TASP 2020 will examine the cultural content of media and the anthropology of play. The historical significance of advocates of play who have influenced the study of play will also be recognized. Workshops, current research, and commentary on play and culture will be welcomed for the 2020 conference.

Our ​goal ​for ​this ​conference ​is ​to ​enlarge ​our ​network ​and ​engage ​in ​solution-oriented ​conversations ​to ​promote ​research, ​policy, ​and ​practices ​that ​supports ​an ​increasingly ​interconnected ​yet ​fractured ​world. ​Further, ​our ​goal ​is ​to ​promote ​dialogue, ​professional ​change, ​and ​leadership ​about ​ways ​in ​which ​play ​can ​make ​a ​bigger ​contribution ​in ​building ​and ​sustaining ​harmonious ​relationships ​through ​dialogue ​and ​inquiry.

Educators, ​researchers, ​practitioners, ​activists, ​and ​advocates ​from ​a ​wide ​range ​of ​disciplines ​will ​gather ​at ​this ​joint ​conference ​to ​share ​the ​Potential ​of ​Playful ​Dialogue ​and ​Inquiry ​as ​a ​pathway ​for ​building ​and ​sustaining ​more ​peaceful, ​harmonious ​relationships. ​

We ​are ​eager ​to ​reach ​out ​to ​professionals ​from ​a ​wide ​range ​of ​disciplines ​to ​conceptualize ​the ​role ​of ​play ​in ​activism, ​advocacy, ​and ​development ​of ​individuals ​and ​communities ​across ​a ​variety ​of ​contexts. ​We ​invite ​you ​as ​a ​play ​researcher, ​practitioner, ​educator, ​advocate, ​or ​activist ​to ​present ​your ​work ​at ​this ​unique ​conference. ​To ​this ​end, ​we ​have ​invited ​a ​wide ​range ​of ​dynamic ​keynote ​speakers ​to ​the ​2020 ​TASP ​conference. ​Collectively ​they ​offer ​refreshingly ​new ​and ​innovative ​ways ​of ​leveraging ​play ​and ​playfulness ​to ​enhance ​education ​and ​social ​justice.