Sponsor Events

The Association for the Study of Play and International Play Association, USA are collaborating to host their 2019 annual conference, “The Power of Playful Discourse and Inquiry”. Our focus is to explore ways of harnessing the innate, joyful, person-driven, and character-building potential of play to overcome the suffering and far-reaching effects of divisive rhetoric, anger and despair. Play is viewed as a means of healing and strengthening social justice.

We invite you to consider sponsoring one of the following events or contributing towards the conference. All support will be publicly acknowledged at the conference and on conference bags.

Level 1: Child’s Right to Play             $100- $250 (Program)

Level 2: Improvise for Harmony      $250

Level 3: Valley Welcome                    $ 500

Level 4: Play Diplomats                     $1000 (Bags)

Level 5: Play & Prosper                      $1500 (Banner)

The goal for this conference is to enlarge our network and engage in solution-oriented conversations to promote research, policy, and practices that supports an increasingly interconnected yet fractured world. Further, our goal is to promote dialogue, professional change, and leadership about ways in which play can make a bigger contribution in building and sustaining harmonious relationships through dialogue and inquiry.

Educators, researchers, practitioners, activists, and advocates from a wide range of disciplines will gather at this joint conference to share the potential of playful dialogue and inquiry as a pathway for building and sustaining more peaceful, harmonious relationships.

We are eager to reach out to professionals from a wide range of disciplines to conceptualize the role of play in activism, advocacy, and development of individuals and communities across a variety of contexts. We invite you as a play researcher, practitioner, educator, advocate, or activist to present your work at this unique conference. To this end, we have invited a wide range of dynamic keynote speakers to the 2019 TASP/IPA-USA conference. Collectively they offer refreshingly new and innovative ways of leveraging play and playfulness to enhance education and social justice.