2004 TASP Annual Conference

Atlanta, GA

The theme of the 2004 annual conference was “Diverse Perspectives on Play.” Theory and research papers on any play topics were accepted. Proposals on the following topics were especially encouraged: play and recreation with all age groups, cross-cultural studies, play with diverse populations, therapeutic use of play, governmental/educational policies concerning play, and animal play.

Conference Program
February 18-21, 2004

Wednesday, February 18 – AmeriSuites Downtown Hotel
5:30-8:30 Registration
Reception: Refreshments, games, get acquainted

Thursday, February 19 – Georgia State University Student Center
8:30-9:00 Registration, second floor Student Center

9:00-10:15 Paper Session: What is play? [Sinclair Suite]
The state of play in the Twenty-first Century
Dorothy Sluss
What is make-believe play? Preschool teachers’ perspectives
Joanna J. Cemore
Play definitions
Olga Jarrett, Michelle Duckett-Hedgebeth, and Tiffany Coleman

Roundtables: Childhood play, Reflections and Social Context [Lanier Suite]
A Glimpse into Childhood different from my own: Culture, Gender, and Play Assignment
Lynn Hartle
Children’s Reflections on Play Materials and How They Change over Time
Michael M. Patte
Play in the Context of Social Practice
Vidya Thirumurthy

10:15-10:45 Coffee break – Child Development Center

10:45-12:00 Panel Discussion: Creating Positive Environments for Populations at Risk [Sinclair Suite]
Clinical Approaches for Achieving Positive Environments with Suicidal Aboriginal Adolescents
Melanie MacNeil
Encouraging Play with Health Care Providers for Young Children with Disabilities
Shelley Smith and Ann Marie Guilmette
Alternative Strategies for Addiction Services in Creating Positive Communities
Ann Marie Guilmette

Roundtables: Play in School and Community [Lanier Suite]
Parent-Child Communication in a School-based Parent Education Program
Dana Gross, Kate Horst, Barbara Kyle
Life is not a Game…Or is it? Improving Problem Solving Ability in Children by Playing Games
Wayne Wu
Our work is Child’s Play: Erasing the Play Space Deficit
Georgia Gillette

12:00-1:00 Lunch on your own – TASP leadership meeting (executive committee and board)

1:00-2:15 Paper Session: Computer Technology/ Television/Video [Sinclair Suite]
The Effect of Technology on Students’ Perceptions of Instruction: Work or play: Part Two
F. LeAnna Bryant
Understanding Television: A Child’s Perspective
Virginia B. Wilcox
The Universal Language: Children’s Play as Seen Through Video
Kristin Brenneman Eno

Roundtable Discussion: Imaginative Play Outside the Logical [Lanier Suite]
Sue Knox
Cheryl Ecker
Lauri Fitz-Simmons

2:30-3:45 Papers: Play and Cultural Happenings! [Sinclair Suite]
Elvis Chapin: Play, Race, and Ethnicity in Guatemala City
Douglas G. White
“Life upon the wicked stage:” Play and darkness in the musicals of Oscar Hammerstein II.
David Kuschner
Italian federalism as role-playing game
Paola De Sanctis Ricciardone

Roundtables Sociodramatic Play [Lanier Suite]
Girls at War Play: Preschool Girls’ Narrative Construction in their Play with Superhero Replica Figures
Matthew J. Caulfield
Promoting Sociodramatic Play in the Block Center
Janie Heisner
Effects of Social Dramatic Play on Early Literacy Learning of Taiwanese Kindergarteners in the United States
Wen-Chun Wang
The Use of Duplicate Toys to Improve Nonverbal Communication for Children
with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Donna Alaimo

4:00-5:15 Workshop: Play Therapy [Sinclair Suite]
JoAnna White, Kay Draper, Elizabeth Willingham, Kelli Ritter,
Caroline Mashburn Solis

Paper Session: Child’s Play [Lanier Suite]
What do children do in the sand pit? A look at gender, age, and materials
Stacey French-Lee, Olga Jarrett, Nermin Bulunuz, and Mizrap Bulunuz
What happens when Scruffy wants to play? Children’s bonds with Animals
Sarah Bexell
Play for English as a Second Language (ESL) Children
Jessica Bailor

5:30-7:00 Reception and discussion with past presidents on play research: past, present, and future

Evening TASP leadership meeting, continued if necessary.

Friday, February 20, Georgia State University Student Center

8:30-9:00 Registration, second floor Student Center

9:00-10:15 Paper Session: Child-Toy Interactions [Sinclair Suite]
Communicative Actions and Language Narratives in Preschoolers Play with “Talking” and “Non-talking” Rescue Heroes
Doris Bergen
Traditional toys: Preference of children in a kindergarten
Judite Cruz, Vania Pereira, Beatriz Oliveira Pereira
Traditional and Modern Toys in the Playground of Portuguese Nursery Schools
Beatriz Oliveira Pereira, Luisa Peixoto, Judite Cruz

Paper Session: Play in Diverse Cultures [Lanier Suite]
Games and Songs of the Border
John Sutterby, Regina Linck, Angelina Arrona, Sandra Murillo
Traditional Play: Chinese and Turkish Examples
Riza Ulker and Wei Gu
Perception of Play in Turkish Culture
Aynur Oksal

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break – Child Development Center

10:45-12:00 Paper Session: Child/Adult/Family Playfulness [Sinclair Suite]
Play as a Means of Parent-Child Interaction
Aynur Oksal
Family Fun as Reported by Rural Low-Income Women
Susan Churchill
Childhood Playfulness as a Predictor of Adult Playfulness and Creativity: A longitudinal study
Aleysha Casas Rieser and Cosby Steele Rogers

Paper Session: Sports [Lanier Suite]
Race, Class, Sex, and the Whole Nine Yards
Vera Stenhouse
Playing at Work and Working at Play: Experiential ethnography and self in bodybuilding subculture
Anne Bolin
Playing at Work and Working at Play: Transformations of self-Tri-ing to be
Jane Granskog

12:00-1:00 Lunch (on your own)

1:00-2:30 Paper Session: Play, Teachers, and Teacher Education [Sinclair Suite]
Is it fun? Air pressure experiments in a teacher education program
Mizrap Bulunuz
Student Teachers’ Intern Experiences of Applying Play Theory into Practice in Taiwanese Kindergartens
Pei-Yu Chang
American and Japanese Teachers’ Perceptions of Play
Satomi Izumi Taylor, Cosby Steele Rogers, Arleen T. Dodd, Toshiko Kaneda, Iku Nagasaki, Yasuhiro Watanabe, Toru Goshiki
Reflections on Playing with Ideas
Judy Madewell and Ellen Biderman

Panel: Animal Play [Lanier Suite]
A Discussion of the Role of Play in the Socialization and Well-being of Captive Exotic Species
Mollie Bloomsmith, Steven Ross and Susan Lambeth
Michael Hoff
Lisa Parr
Megan Wilson
Meredith Bashaw
Terry Maple, Discussant

2:45-4:00 Symposium: The Theory and Practice of Play [Sinclair Suite]
Brian Sutton-Smith and Joseph R. Loftin

Issues in Play [Lanier Suite]
Development of an Instrument for Measuring Treatment Fidelity of a Therapeutic Play-Based Intervention
Diane Parham
The Social Foundations of the Expressive: Comments on Emile Durkheim
Tom Henricks
When Play Hurts: The appropriation of Native American images and behaviors as good clean fun.
Vera Stenhouse

4:15-5:45 TASP business meeting [Sinclair Suite]
Business of the organization, announcements from other organizations committed to play, and presidential address. All are encouraged to attend whether or not they are members of TASP. Refreshments included.

7:00 Banquet, Mary Mac’s Tea Room (Cost $25)
Family Style Southern Cooking – All you can eat
“The Real Doc Hollywood salutes play”
Speaker: Dr. Neil Shuleman, Emory University Medical School
Door prizes and fun for all

Saturday, February 21, Georgia State University Student Center

8:30-9:00 Registration, second floor Student Center

9:00-10:15 Active Play [Sinclair Suite]
From Policy to Practice: Strategies for advocating rough and tumble play, outdoor recess, and active indoor learning environments for early childhood and elementary students
Dee Stegelin and Tom Reed
Outdoor Play: A thing of the past?
Rhonda Clements
Physical Activity Levels during Free Play and Physical Education
John A. Sutterby, Pei-San Brown, Candra Thornton

Play in Informal Settings [Lanier Suite]
Key elements of UK’s Boredom Busters Play Days
Anna-Marie Millbank
A Unique after School Public Health Initiative in the Inner City Using Tutoring, Mentoring, and Structured Play for Middle School Children
Walter R. Thompson, Jimmy Calloway

10:30-11:45 Symposium on Recess [Sinclair Suite]
Panel on Recess Research, Advocacy, and Policy
Rhonda Clements
Deanna Ryan
Sally Harrell
Lisa Coronado
Olga Jarrett

Workshop: Play Around the World: Child-Made Toys [Lanier Suite]
Sharon Mnich, World Play

12:00-1:30 Lunch discussions –Lunch buffet included

Inner City children: What is happening to play? [Sinclair Suite]
Panelists: Lucretia Peyton-Stewart (to be confirmed)
Jimmy Calloway
Stacey French-Lee
Phillip Alexander-Cox

Exhibit on Child-made Toys Around the World [Lanier Suite]
Discussion with Sharon Mnich

1:30-2:30 Workshop: Exploring Perspectives Through the Wonder of Block Play [Lanier Suite]
Walter Drew

1:30-5:00 Field trip on animal play to the Yerkes Primate Field Station in Lawrenceville, 45 minutes drive from downtown. The primates live in groups outdoors. They are breeding colonies and also used for research. Dress warmly. Price includes the minibus. ($12) Limited to 25 people.

2:30-5:00 Other Field trips to:

Imagine It (Atlanta’s new children’s museum) $12 admission, a few blocks walk from the hotel)
The Center for Puppetry Arts – exhibit of puppets around the world – ($5 for museum, $8 for museum and children’s puppet show, plus MARTA or taxi)
SciTrek – science museum with a traveling exhibit on candy ($5.75 plus MARTA or a walk from the hotel)
Botanical Gardens – includes a new children’s garden ($6 plus taxi)